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Biosystems Engineering is a unique engineering field that deals with foods, living organisms, and environments. Biosystemsngineers incorporate innovative technology (computer vision, remote sensing, GPS, GIS, robotics, and control engineering) into the production and utilization of biological resources such as plants and livestock, the development of biosensors, and the biomedical engineering applications.

Biosystems Engineers are well aware of the necessities of life: plant of safe food to eat, pure water to drink, clean fuel and energy resources, and a safe and healthy environment in which tolive.

In order to supply these necessities, biosystems engineers apply engineering principles to many processes associated with the production of agricultural products and the management of natural resources.

The Biosystems Engineering program deals with engineering based technologies required for the development of much equipments and many systems used for the production, processing, storage, transportation, and management of agricultural products as well as for their production and utilization by applying modern engineering technologies such as machinery, electrical and electronic engineering, and computer technology. Biosystems Engineering will tremendously contribute to the future agricultural, livestock, and food industries by training highly-qualified engineers well equipped with knowledge on both biosystems and engineering.

Biosystems engineering has made our farms very competitive through the mechanization of agriculture during the industrialization period. It has been evolving into a unique academic area in which to apply engineering skills to not only agriculture but also general biological systems in accordance with the recent development of bio-engineering.

Teaching and research topics covered in the Biosystems Engineering program include farm power and automation, off-road equipment design, plant production machinery, agricultural process systems, engineering properties of biomaterials, electronics and sensors, and bioprocess systems.

Currently, highly focused research is being conducted on farm machinery design via computer technology, cereal and fruit process systems, agricultural robotics, biosensor, image process applications, artificial intelligent applications, environmentally-favored precision farming, and bioprocess system development. Active and effective collaborations are conducted with various related areas such as horticulture, animal science, food science, and forest products.